Week 8 term 4 2019

Catholic Education South Australia

News from the Principal

Dear Families We had a fantastic event last night at the Year 6 Graduation where we farewelled our senior students. We wish the students all the best as they move onto their secondary education.

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In today’s newsletter we are pleased to announce our Staff list for 2020.

There are a number of changes next year.
We farewell Sophie Grant whom has been on contract with us for two years and has won a contract at St Ignatius for next year.  We also farewell and thank Oliver Carroll who has worked both in the Transition class and also some PE classes.  Oliver has secured a contract at Blackfriars and we wish him well.
We welcome Tess Corcoran, an experienced teacher whom has also been a Consultant with CESA and has run her own Educational Consultancy business.

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Staff List 2020

Principal Damian Weeks Rec Tina Mena

Deputy/APRim/Inclusive Ed

Lisa McCormick Rec Marina Genito
REC Caroline Price Rec Grazia Larosa
Bursar Mel Fazio Transition Amanda Coombe
Bursar Alan McLaughlin R/1 Adrienne Veall
ESO/Enrolments Karin Skinner Year 1 Rebecca Marshall
ESO / Front Desk Margaret Moshos   Ali Fiske
ESO / Classroom / Uniform Sera Catalano   Seva Matianos
ESO / Classroom Joy Robinson   Tobi Cibich /0.4 (W,Th,F)
ESO / Classroom Grace Solomon Year 3 Taras Misiajlo
ESO / Classroom Anna Varsos   Tess Corcoran
ESO / Classroom Amanda Simcock Year 4 Lucja Kowalski
ESO / Maintenance Mark Raymond   Nicole Telfer / Louise Rullo
Physical Ed Adam West Year 5 Bernadette Basile
Italian Pia Totani-Cirocco   Andy Kent
Librarian Katherine Turner Year 6 Annabel Parletta
Literacy Leader Olimpia Calleja   Caroline Price / Sita Catalano
Music R-3 Kimberly Slattery    
Councellor Shelly Wigley    
Chaplain Sonia Braithwaite    


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News from the Deputy

What an amazing 2019! 

I want to thank you all for your continued willingness to work in partnership with the school to ensure we can provide the best opportunity for your child to thrive.
I have especially valued those of you who have come to chat to either the teacher, Damian or myself throughout the year.  This is when we can all achieve great things.

Wishing you a very Blessed and Holy Christmas and a wonderful new year. 

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St Vincent da Paul Christmas Appeal

Thank you soooo much for your generosity in supporting others to enjoy the Christmas season and to bring hope to families….

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End of Year Mass

Please join us as we celebrate the school year with a Mass at the Church on

Monday 9th December at 9:30am.

It will be a very special Mass which includes the ‘Ceremony of Light’ and a farewell to our Year 6 students.

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Parents in Partnership

Parents in Partnership – thinking about moving towards 2020, we welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve our Rosary school community! 
How can we ensure thriving people, capapble learners and leaders for the world God desires?  How can we do this better?

Please email your thoughts to info@rosary.catholic.edu.au or write and pop in a letter labeled 'Parents in Partnership' and deliver to the front office.

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Sport & Physical Ed News

This year has seen a few changes to sporting programs with Year 7 students moving from the primary setting. Focus continues to be on running events here at school, enabling maximum student participation and engagement.  Opportunities to help manage events, referee, coach and lead teams are shared around and embraced by the students.

School based events have included:

  • Lunchtime Mini-Wimbledon, Table Tennis, Soccer, Basketball
  • Rosary School Football Carnival
  • Rosary Cup (Melb Cup)
  • Sports Day
  • Cross Country
  • Advanced PE Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics Floor Routine Finals
  • Rosary v PPS Soccer
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Clinics – Cricket/Tball
  • Athletics trials

Year 4-6 students have enjoyed opportunities represent Rosary School and the North Adelaide District in SAPSASA and SACPSSA events.

These events included:

  • SAPSASA Cross Country, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Netball
  • SAPSASA Come and Try Day
  • SACPSSA Lacrosse

We wish to thank all parents who have supported the sporting programs. The energy and effort of all those who coached, umpired, transported and supervised is greatly appreciated!!!

Adam West & Oliver Carroll

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Chaplain Chat

Chaplain Chatter – we continue a look at ‘Growth Mindset’

How can you help develop a growth mindset in your child?

“It wasn’t my fault!”  

“I can’t do it”! 

Do these statements sound familiar? These are fixed mindset statements that are reactions to events that don’t go to plan.  Emotions are running hot.
Mistakes are how we learn and developing a growth mindset that views these mistakes as a way to learn, is critical to future successes.  Creating a home and school environment that supports and guides children to embrace the ‘failures’ that they are trying to avoid is critical for resilience, emotional wellbeing and a key indicator for future learning.

The evolutionary responses of flight, fight or freeze, can hold us back. These responses are controlled by the part of the brain called the amygdala. We remember threats and mistakes far easier and it is harder to recall positives and even give out positives. It is very natural to focus on mistakes. It is not our fault. It is the way our brains are wired. Any situation that provokes anxiety is stored away for future reference. We can train our brain to recall and to experience more positive emotions. People who think that they learn from their mistakes are more likely to bounce back better or in fact bounce forward.

Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, try saying, “I can’t do it yet”.  Encourage participation and concentration when working on unfamiliar tasks or tasks that the child sees as being too hard before they have even started.

Also remember that S + T = R.                     Situation + Thinking = Reaction
Try to make these reactions with a more positive slant.

Wednesday 4th December is my last day at the school for 2019. I look forward to returning in 2020. Have a great break and try to find some time to relax with your family.

Sonia Braithwaite, Chaplain

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Website Calendar

Just a reminder that you can access the school calendar anytime on our website.

Click below:


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School Uniform 2020 Price List

Click below to view the 2020 Uniform Price List.

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Christmas Mass Times

St Laurence’s Church, North Adelaide

December 24: 8pm (Vigil Mass)
December 25: 9am & 11am

Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Prospect
December 24: 7pm (Vigil Mass, includes Nativity play)

December 25:  Midnight Mass
                         8am & 10am
Please note: 
There will be no 5:30pm Mass on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day is a Holy Day of Obligation

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Christmas Carols

On Tuesday December 10, the Festival Choir, Rosebud choir and some solo performers will present a music performance for you to enjoy. Parents are invited to come along to the performance beginning at 2.30 pm until 3.00 pm. Please be seated in the Hall by the starting time.

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Children's University

We would like to congratulate the following students that were unable to attand the Children's University Gradualiton Ceremony:

Ruby P, Tehya F, Leyla D and Isabel C.


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Ground Force Studios




If your child would like to be a part of our incredible 2020 Ground Force Hip Hop Crew Teams, compete in competitions within Adelaide and interstate, take part in numerous performance opportunities, whether for the first time or as continuing crew members, they will need to attend the auditions below. Auditionees can audition in more than one team.

If unable to attend, they will need to choreograph 32-64 counts, film it and send it through to info@gfstudios.com.au by 22 January 2020. Register their spot today by emailing us on info@gfstudios.com.au

Please see below for age groups and times …

10 < years (as of Jan ’20)
1 – 1:45 pm
12 < years (as of Jan ’20)
2 – 2:45 pm
16 < years (as of Jan ’20)
3 – 3:45 pm
GF CREW (Adults)
17 > years (as of Jan ’20)
6 – 6:45 pm
ULTIMATE CREW ( this crew is our newest crew team & students selected will be of an outstanding Hip Hop level)


4:15 – 5:00PM

If you’d like to register your child’s interest in our Performing Arts classes for 2020, head to the GF website www.groundforcestudios.com.au

Enrolments for 2020 open in January.

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Guitar & Piano lessons

Enrolments for 2020 are being taken now.

For more information contact :

Guitar  - John :    0406853893 or email john.edwardsk6@bigpond.com

Piano: - Denise:  0412345455 or email denisehaddad888@gmail.com  

          -  Won:      0432366188 or email  wonjunglee@hotmail.com

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Library returns are due NOW

All library books and classroom readers are due back to school now.
If your child has any items at home with a Rosary School bar code on the item can you please return these to the library before the end of term.
This may include classroom readers, novels, picture books, non fiction books, magazines or books with CD's in a clear plastic hanging bag. 
Thank you

Katherine turner (Teacher Librarian)

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