Our Identity

Regina Rosarii - Queen of the Rosary

"A great portent appeared in heaven;
a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet
and on her head a crown of twelve stars."

(Revelations 12:1) 

Our School Crest

The Dominican shield is divided into eight gyrons or triangles. Traditionally the shield colours were those of Dominic de Guzman’s family – black representing sorrow and white representing joy.

The Rosary crest has blue and white colourings in recognition of Mary, Queen of the Rosary who is patroness of the Rosary School Community.

The “cross fleury” (or cross with a fleur de lis at each end) superimposed upon the gyrons, signifies victory, duty and self sacrifice.

On the Rosary crest, the ends of the fleur de lis have become crowns to represent Mary our Queen.

The star represents light and truth. Originally this was an eight pointed star representing the points of the compass and the world - wide outreach of the Dominican Order.

On the Rosary Crest there is a five pointed star relating to the mysteries of the Rosary; the circle in the middle of the Crest representing a crown for the Queenship of Mary.

The gold in the writing and star is symbolic of the crown. Our school colours are therefore blue, white and gold and are incorporated in our uniform and general identity.

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Catholic Identity at Rosary

Rosary school develops students' knowledge and understandings of Christianity in the light of Jesus and the Gospel and its unfolding story and diversity within contemporary Australian and global society.

It expands students' spiritual awareness and religious identity, fostering their capacities and skills of discerning, interpreting, thinking critically, seeking truth and making meaning.  It challenges and inspires our service to others and engagement in the Church and the world.

Catholic Identity at Rosary
What does Catholic Identity look like at Rosary?
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What does Catholic Identity look like at Rosary?

At Rosary School all staff model the Gospel values of love, reconciliation, inclusion, justice, compassion, service and community.

Daily class prayer forms the foundations for learning about different ways to pray.  We have symbols and traditions that reflect our identity such as crosses, pictures and colours.

Catholic identity is expressed in the way we dialogue with each other and learn about different religions and cultures.

Catholic identity is apparent in the way we make sense of the stories and traditions for our world today.

Our Catholic Identity