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Our school today...

Our R-6 school caters for just over 400 children across 18 classes. 70% of our students come from a Catholic background. While 95% of our students were born in Australia, culturally we come from 25 different nationalities.

Many of today’s students are children, grandchildren or relatives of former students providing testimony to the fine name that Rosary School maintains.

Driven by the blueprint of the School Development Plan, the whole of Rosary School has been rebuilt, particularly over the last ten years. Today the school offers very modern facilities across classroom, specialist and administration areas.

Our school today...

The History of Rosary School...

In 1885 The Catholic Endowment Society purchased land from Thomas Mitchell and in 1907 Lots 10 and 11 were transferred to the Dominican Fathers for the purpose of a New School Church.

Messrs Woods & Bagot were the Architects and the Builder was Mr J T Leahy and they built what is now the School Hall.  This is the only remaining building left from the early days of Rosary School.

Rosary School was dedicated to the Holy Rosary and was solemnly opened and blessed on 8th August 1908.

Accommodation in those early years was provided in the tin shed called the ‘babies room’ located behind the main building which is now the school hall. From this room, students progressed to the “bottom room” which was actually the original church building, and thence to the “big room” (hall).

Rosary School was also a school church. It became a church on Friday afternoons when the older children had to help the sisters sweep the school (after spreading damp sawdust to keep the dust down), and shift the heavy desks. Rosary has educated Junior Primary, Primary and Secondary students since its opening. It has been the Parish worship centre, sacristy, youth club, assembly area, community centre and multi use school hall.

It was staffed by the Dominican Sisters who would travel daily from the Convent in North Adelaide to provide instruction.

The Dominican Sisters

While the Dominican Sisters began our school, over time more and more lay teachers were employed.  In 1984 the school appointed its first lay Principal.  Sadly, today the Dominican Sisters no longer have a physical presences in our school but spiritually they have left us with a school ethos based on the Dominican traditions. 

The Sisters established an excellent spirit in true Dominican tradition:

  • LAUDARE: to praise
  • BENEDICARE: to bless
  • PRAEDICARE: to preach.

Rosary School has continued to offer education within this spirit of St Dominic since the appointment of the first lay Principal in 1984.

Dominican Pillars

Each Dominican school develops 'pillars' to help explain and live out the Dominican tradition.

Here at Rosary school our pillars are:


Each year, the school will focus on one of these pillars and this is drawn from scripture.