Catholic Education South Australia

Parents and Friends


Who are the Parents and Friends?

Our P&F may comprise of:

  • All parents of children attending the school
  • Supporters who belong to the parish who have a deep interest in the well being of the school
  • School staff
Who are the Parents and Friends?
What is the role and purpose of the P&F?

What is the role and purpose of the P&F?

The role of the P&F is to participate in the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of students in Catholic Schools by working in partnership to:

  • Foster a distinctive Christian environment in their school
  • Promote the school’s vision, policies and procedures in all ways possible
  • Develop maximum co-operation between parents and school staff
  • Encourage, affirm and co-operate with other groups working for the good of the school community
  • Provide a medium for information and education of parents
  • Afford parents the opportunity to contribute to the decisions made for the whole school

When does the P&F meet?

Meetings are held twice a term on a Tuesday in weeks 3 and 7.