Parents and Friends

Every parent is invited to be a member ...

Every parent is invited to be a member of the Rosary School Parents and Friends Committee. 


The Committee is an enthusiastic and passionate group of parents within the school who are committed to developing and promoting a sense of welcome and inclusion in the school community. 


The Parents and Friends Committee also provides an avenue for parents and supporters to work with the school staff to further enhance children’s learning, to maintain, care for and develop the school and grounds and to promote the interests of the children and the school. 


Some of the work of the Parents and Friends that has directly supported the school include:


  • - family movie afternoons 

  • - quiz nights 

  • - Mother’s Day and Father’s Day activities 

  • - welcoming evenings 

  • - children’s school disco 

  • - co-ordination of some fundraising activities 


We warmly welcome all members of the school community to participate in the activities co-ordinated by the Parents and Friend’s Committee either as a member of the Committee or as an event volunteer. 


The Parents and Friends Committee meet twice each term.