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Sacramental Program

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Families who registered for these Sacraments earlier this year received a letter from Fr Paul advising of the new dates for these Sacraments.  The letter also includes information about the dates for the Family Workshops.

A link is provided in the letter to choose your preferred date for Mass.

Please click here to view the letter.


Preparation and Celebrations

Rosary School is part of the North Adelaide Prospect Parish and we work closely with the Parish in preparing children for celebrating the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and our Sacramental Program is family centred, parish based and school supported.

We work in accordance with the Adelaide Archdiocese Initiation Policy for Children, which deems that children are able to receive Sacraments when ‘ready’.

At Rosary School, currently, we formally present children for Reconciliation in Year 3 and Confirmation and First Communion in Year 4. As part of the North Adelaide Prospect Parish we celebrate these occasions at Rosary Church. First Communion is celebrated during weekend Parish Masses.

Please contact the North Adelaide Parish Office for more information, 8344 1347 or

Preparation and Celebrations