School Board

What is the role and purpose of the School Board?

The School Board has responsibility for the overall wellbeing of its school. In practice, this means that, in a spirit of partnership, Boards act in an advisory capacity to:

  • develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school
  • develop the relationship between the school and the local Church
  • ensure that the academic standards of the school must be at least as distinguished as that achieved in other schools in the region
  • support the administration of the school
  • offer pastoral care to the school community
  • protect children
  • monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance
  • exercise financial stewardship of the school
  • ensure compliance with legal obligations

Here is an overview to School Boards in Catholic Schools SA

School Boards in Catholic Schools in SA

Who are the School Board?

School Board members are elected for two year periods and can serve for up to six consecutive years. Usually the Board will consist of Ex-Officio members and Elected members.

Ex-Officio members are:

  • The President of the Board being the Parish Priest
  • The Executive Officer being the School Principal

Elected members are generally parents of the school and number up to six. There are provisions for Special, Appointed, Nominated and Co-opted members in certain situations and there is also a nominated staff member on the Board.

When does the School Board meet?

School Board meetings are closed meetings.

Our meetings for 2024 will be held on a Tuesday evening at 7pm as follows: 
27 February
26 March (AGM)
28 May
20 August
12 November
26 November (social gathering) 

Further information

For further information on Catholic School Boards, visit the School Boards website.