Catholic Education South Australia

Volunteering at Rosary School

Our community values volunteers

At Rosary, volunteers are partners in helping us to ensure every child thrives, is a capable learner and grows in self confidence and faith.  It is volunteers such as you, who bring an added layer of what it means to be in community.

We are passionate about the safety of all in our school community.

As such, we require volunteers to be part of a Volunteers Induction Course.

Becoming a volunteer at Rosary School consists of four steps:

  1. Completing a Volunteer Application Form
  2. CESA Police Check
  3. Participation in our Induction Course
  4. RAN-EC Training for Volunteers

Induction Courses are run throughout the year. If you are considering being involved as a volunteer (which includes up-and-coming excursions, camps and sports teams) you will need to attend one of these workshops.

Please contact the School Office for more information.

The RAN-EC can be found at (Choose ‘Volunteer’ for account type and select “Responding to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care online”.)