Social and Emotional Learning

Rosary School places student mental health and wellbeing as a priority for life long learning and growth.

Rosary School is a nationally recognised KidsMatter School.  KidsMatter Primary is an Australian initiative that aims to improve children’s mental health and wellbeing. It recognises the important role that parents and carers play in the lives of their children and encourages effective working relationships between school staff, parents and carers as well as the broader community.

You can find out more about KidsMatter here.

Social and Emotional Learning is linked specifically to our Catholic Ethos and our absolute belief that every child is a gift from God.

Social and Emotional Learning is taught explicitly in each class, using the “Friendly Schools” program. An Action Team (staff and parents) meets regularly to assess our practices and policies in regard to student wellbeing.

Chaplain and School Counsellor

At Rosary School, we are fortunate to have the support of a school counsellor and a school chaplain.  Both staff members are available one day per week and are accessible after a conversation with either the class teacher or a member of the leadership team.