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4 BB News

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

The Year 4's have had a wonderful start to the new school year learning more about ourselves and each other. We have learnt about different emotions and how these impact our interactions with others. .

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Working Bee - from the Principal

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

I invite any interested and available community members to a Working Bee on Saturday, 27th February, 2021. We will begin at 9.00 am and work until about 12.00 noon – finishing with a quick sausage sizzle and a cool drink. At the Working Bee we will be cleaning the school yard and carpark, cleaning out maintenance sheds, putting up some art, removing unwanted items, and doing some planting. 

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School Uniform Shop

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

On Tuesday night the School Board approved the outsourcing of the School Uniform Shop.
The Uniform Shop at school will be open on Friday 19th February 8am - 9am; 2pm - 3pm and Monday 22nd February 8am-9am and then closed for stocktake and relocation to our suppliers at Shop 3, 54-56 Grange Road, Welland.
Rosary School uniform will be available at Campus School and College Wear from 1st March. Moving our uniform to Campus School and College Wear allows for more flexibility for parents – online ordering and greater opening hours. We will continue to sell hats at the Front Office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on

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Project Compassion Prayer

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Volunteer Induction Training

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Rosary school are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of your child and the importance of volunteers in a variety of areas including hearing reading, LAP, Camps and excursion. The school will be providing a training session for any volunteers who have not completed any or all of the following components:
• Application Package
• Site Induction
• RAN Training
• Catholic Police Clearance


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Ecological Awareness and Action

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Our staff have identified a number of priority areas for 2021 and have subsequently formed committees to ensure action.
One such committee will oversee awareness and action around how we can better care for our world. It is not just the commitment of a few, but of us all and so we invite any interested parents who might like to support the committee in this area to let Lisa McCormick know by email 


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A Message from the P&F Committee

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Last Tuesday night, the P&F held their first meeting for 2021. It was great to welcome many new members and see such enthusiasm and generate great ideas for some fabulous events and initiatives for the year. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
The 2021 P&F committee members are: Lora Papa (Chairperson, Rec & Yr3), Lisa Pannuti (Secretary, Yr 3), Teresa Cocca (Treasurer, Yr 1&3), Hamish MacKenzie (Rec & Yr3), Nicole Mertens (Rec), Melanie Melino (Yr2), Christina Borg (Rec), Helen Lynn (Yr1), Catherine Schumacher (Yr 1&3), Anthony Graziani (Yr 2&3), Jake Graziani (Rec), Nadia Looker (Rec & Yr2) and Sonia Morgante (Rec & Yr5). Read More for information on our first event.


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Clean Up Australia Day Friday March 5

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

As we focus on building awareness and creating action around ecological sustainability, the whole school will once again participate in Clean Up Australia Day.
On the morning of Friday 5th March, each class will be allocated an area to clean up.
Some year levels will be venturing off site.  We would love your help on the day.

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Message from the APRIM

Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Yesterday the school community gathered to mark the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the school gym. Many thanks to Father Paul for leading us.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40-day journey to the most important time in the Church’s calendar – Easter. Lent is a special time for growing and changing and provides an opportunity for us to think about the example of Jesus’ life. We try to be more like Jesus, especially with our theme this year, ‘Together at the Table’ and how we can be more inclusive of others, just as Jesus extended table fellowship with all.


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News from the Principal

Thursday 4th February, 2021

Dear Rosary Community

On Tuesday this week Dr Neil McGoran, Director of Catholic Education released a video message of welcome for all familiesstaff and students  that was published on the CESA Website and on our own Facebookpage. Dr Neil speaks about the importance of a community being together and reminds us that we are in partnership to support each child.  This message also reminds us of the incredible gift of each child and that all our young people matter absolutely.

We have had a “flying start”!  This is the term used at Rosary at the start of each year.  It is the focus of Week 1 and 2 as children begin the school year.  It is a time when we listen carefully to the children.  Each child shares with the teacher/s who they are, often communicated both through words and art.  Children have shared their interests, what they like to learn, how they like to learn, what they want to learn and some children have set themselves goals for 2021.  Teachers also listened carefully to the parents in Book a Chat where we acknowledge our partnership and that you are the expert, you know your child best. I would like to thank both teachers and parents for their commitment to work together to support each child.

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